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Welcome to the revamped Precision Golf Junior Development Program. We are pleased to offer the best opportunity for juniors in our region to develop their skills and enthusiasm for the game. Precision Golf provides a fun, safe environment that promotes learning and success for junior golfers of all ages and skills. I have utilized my 16 years of experience teaching junior golf and working with peers throughout the golf industry to develop an instructional program that increases opportunity and provides a framework for junior golfers to succeed.

My “Learn. Play. Grow.” philosophy allows juniors to Learn the golf skills, rules, and etiquette; Play using their skills and knowledge; and Grow with increased exposure to the game. Historically this formula has produced multiple state high school champions, developed numerous beginning junior golfers and has been tested through hundreds of hours of classes and camps. The Precision Golf Junior Development Program will continue to utilize the 8 Level Learning System (bag tags) for progression and evaluation. This provides opportunities for the juniors to advance through the levels as they grow and develop their games.

Yearly $50 Membership (Enroll Now) Includes:

  • Precision Junior System T-shirt
  • Precision Academy Bag Tag
  • Junior Club evaluation check-up
  • Physical performance evaluation check-up
  • Discounts on Summer Camps & Playing Leagues
  • Free Half-Hour adult lesson
  • “Academy Rate” for individual instruction

Not sure which level or program is right for you?

The $99 Academy Starter Package (Enroll Now) Includes:

  • One month (one class per week) of the Precision Academy Level Classes
  • One 30-minute individual private golf lesson with a certified Precision Golf Jr. Development Instructor
  • A placement consultation with Precision’s Junior Golf Director Chris Haarlow to provide a recommendation on a clear path of instruction that will fit your junior golfer’s ability, skill level and personality and the appropriate Academy Level.




From the beginning junior golfer to the high school player aspiring to play collegiate golf, the Junior Academy offers a unique opportunity to learn and excel at the game of golf.

Every session ensures each student receives the instruction and direction required to improve. The one-hour classes are designed to provide individualized instruction in a group setting. This setting allows the students to evaluate themselves against their peers.

With the class sizes limited to a 6:1 student to teacher ratio, each student receives quality personalized instruction central to the Precision Junior Golf Academy.

Golf: An Introduction to Form & Terminology: Kids learn basic form and golf shots, identify the parts of the course, and start to learn golf etiquette and rules.

Skill Acquisition, Etiquette and Play: Players start to build fundmentals of technique, playing a hole, and the importance of etiquette.

Skill Development and Par Three League: Skills are reinforced as players learn distance control, speed with balance, and playing the course. Players progress their knowledge of rules and keeping their own scorecards.

Skill Acquisition, Futures Team Golf and Tournament Play: Skills of green reading, the use of different clubs and the understanding of cause and effect on the golf course become important skills. Players gain strategies for league and tournament play.

Game Development and Goal Setting: Players focus on more advanced skills of ball flight control, bunker play, and mental strategies to prepare them for tournament play. Players discuss long terms and short term goals and the steps needed to accomplish those goals. TPI Golf Fitness is integrated into the program to examine balance, strength, and stamina.

Course Skills and Developing Practice Habits: Players continue to hone skills and develop ways to practice effectively, use Precision's short game system, and understand stats to to frame practice. The evaluation of goals and strategies to reach those goals is implemented. Players focus on stamina and nutrition for tournament play.

Total Game Enhancment: Individualized drills and understanding tendencies teach players how to perform at their peak. Players are encouraged to play at the highest levels of Junior Tour Events and developing trust in their game as they progress.

Collegiate Prep: Players reinforce understanding of mental strategies and tendencies under pressure while they go through the college recruiting process.

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